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Beginner learners might possess a basic understanding of English reading or writing. However, speaking might be difficult without a teachers guidance.
Intermediate learners can communicate well but might make a few grammar mistakes. Help them by using real world situations.
Advanced learners have little to no difficulty speaking and listening. Lessons should be difficult to keep the students interest.

• Can communicate by using memorized phrases and responses learned in early English education classes

• Can also probably respond to questions that require short answers such as greetings and daily interactions

• Can express ideas and thoguhts in simple topics that occur in work and personal experiences and situations

• Can have a good grasp of vocabulary and grammar, but might be nervous to speak without teachers assistance


• Facilitate situations that encourage students to speak as often as possible.

• Do not interupt students at this stage as it might discourage them from speaking further.


• Can communicate reasonably well about topics that involve everyday vocabulary and expression usages

• Might hesitate in situations of discussion where their vocabulary is limited or where they have not had adequate time to develop ideas about the topic being discussed
• Can explain with adequate confidence about various common topics, but might have some grammar mistakes in speech

• Familiar with telephone conversations as well as travel and work related discussions


• It is good to bring in daily news topics and have students develop their own ideas.

• Listen to their pronunciation and help them by asking them to read for a little part of the lesson.

• Assigning movies or television episodes to watch and discussing it is also a good idea.



• Can easily understand and express opinions about current events or social issues in newspapers, on television, and the everyday world

• Relatively easy to speak without needed help from the teacher
• Can communicate confidently and coherently in all situations with little to no difficulty

• Easy to distinguish and adapt accordingly with business English and normal everyday situations




• Discuss topics such as politics or medical sciences to build a strong vocabulary base not learned in earlier levels.

• Allow opportunities for students to edit English grammar in texts which contain errors.

• Introduce and explain the usage of business jargon related to each individual students career background.

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