When a student is interested in looking for a good teacher, they fill out our online application form to be matched with a compatible teacher who suits their needs and preferences regarding desired location, lesson time, English skills, and goals for learning English. Eigopass.com will then contact you if your background closely matches the student to arrange a free trial lesson when a time that is convenient for you and the student is decided.

An Eigopass.com staff member will then meet with you to introduce you to a prospective new student. The trial lesson should last anywhere from 15-20 minutes for you to introduce yourself and to better understand the student's goals for learning English.

When the trial lesson is over, it is necessary for our staff member to discuss the EigoPass system to the student. You are not required to be present during this process so feel free to leave if you have other prior appointments. Don't worry as we will contact you informing you of how the trial lesson goes.

 Our #1 priority is for the students to be comfortable and confident with their new teacher, the lesson curriculum, and our ongoing dedication to ensure that you will receive superior English lessons.

When the student enrolls in our system, we will then contact you with the student's contact information and schedule your first lesson with the new student. Your next meeting with the student will be the start of your lesson and the beginning of a journey for you to help them improve their English skills. You will be free to discuss lesson times and days with your new student on a one to one basis.

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