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  Trial Lesson Guide
A sample guide to help teachers understand how a trial lesson should be conducted. Helpful hints that can help.
  Code of Conduct
Common rules that should be followed to help avoid misunderstandings between students and teachers.
  Do's and Don'ts
To ensure that you understand our system guidelines, this section explains the level of professionalism we expect.


Step 1 Introduction of yourself and teaching style
• Bring writing material to take notes about the student's background
• It is helpful to know some information about the student beforehand
• Practice everyday greetings
• Keep the student's learning objectives in mind

Step 2 Test the student's ability to speak
• Allow the student opportunities to ask questions
• Smile and keep the student interested
• Speak slowly and clearly if the student doesn't seem to understand
Keep trial lesson under 30 minutes if possible

Step 3 Finishing
• Explain to the student how you would teach him/her based on the trial lesson
• Kindly excuse yourself when finishing
• Never exchange contact information unless our staff says it is ok
• We will contact you regarding the trial lesson within 24 hours


EigoPass teachers should treat students with the same level of respect that they would expect from others. Professionalism should be practiced in all situations before, after, and during lessons.

Teachers should dress appropriately for all lessons. Although suits are not required, nothing offensive should be worn to trial lessons and regular lessons. Teachers have the flexibility to discuss with their students on what is appropriate and not appropriate when an understanding between the two of you has been established.

Please be punctual! Lateness is considered an extremely rude act to most students. Therefore, we ask that you please be on time. If in the event that you are running late, inform the student of the situation as soon as possible.

Teachers should refrain from smoking during lessons. If the student doesn't like smoking, please choose areas that are smoke free whenever possible during cafe lessons.


Call or email the student in the event that you need to cancel
• Be kind and courteous
• Prepare for lessons beforehand
• Refrain from drinking or smoking during lessons
• Have lessons at agreed locations

Cancel a lesson without giving any notice to the student
• Use profane or vulger language
• Go to the lesson unprepared with nothing to discuss
• Have lessons at bars or drinking pubs
• Change lesson locations at the last minute

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